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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  July 25, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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independent company. it's official: verizon is buying yahoo.. for 4- point-8-billion dollars. good a a once powerful silicon valley internet pioneer is no longer an independent company, and it is official, verizon is buying yahoo for 4.8 $4.8
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billion. verizon is on the buying spree, marking a new chapter for the bay area-based internet company, yahoo. we are live to break down this deal and to explain what is happening to the company ceo.>> reporter: people are calling this the end of an era, yahoo used to be the site that the websurfers would hit first, and now part of verizon at a sale worth $4.8 billion. it is the swan song for the yahoo yo-yo, going the way of aol and in the hands of verizon after a bidding war. it was a five-month option.>> verizon is trying to combine two wrongs into one right.>> reporter: and they say that verizon has its work cut out, rolling verizon into the
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operations, and shareholders fed up with the fallen yahoo revenue over the past eight years. >> the stock is going down despite this deal. >> reporter: yahoo, known for its email service and websites devoted to news, finance and sports, but could not keep up with the revenue made by competing companies, like facebook, revolutionizing the web. >> hoping to defined aol and yahoo through the strength and her offerings to be able to make more of a move in online advertising. >> reporter: ceo marissa mayer tries to put an upbeat spin on the hill saying that she is planning to stay, and says she loves yahoo and believes in all of you, and saying it is important to see yahoo into the next chapter.>> reporter: and the steak and allie baba and yahoo japan, the holding firm with a new name, and we are live in the newsroom, kpix 5.
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shareholders, stocks down 104 points after the market opened after the fourth consecutive week of the games, s&p setting a new record high in the dow is close to the high. nintendo fell to 18% after the company said that the impact of the wildly popular pokimon go game will be limited, and nintendo only owes 32% of the pokimon company in shares of by more than 60% since the game was released. at noon, getting our first look at the man that threaten to behead the san francisco police two, donald eric hoganson arrested last monday, and he posted a racist tweet showing toney chaplin and a sign reading, "white trade only." they are trying to crack down after one of their own was targeted in an attempted
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shooting, and after a traffic accident.>> what is the occasion?>> i did just got shot at. >> a recording of the sergeants plea for help while in her suv and told the dispatcher that someone walked up and began firing shots on saturday night near 73rd avenue. the police blocked off several blocks looking for the shooter but no suspect was found.>> the concerns are heightened even what is going on elsewhere in the country, and with the discussion going on many officers do not feel valued. >> due to the recent ambush and targeting police and other u. s. cities, the open officers are writing two to a car but the sergeants are still riding solo. the sergeant identified is not be a clark, and she was --
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nadia clark and she was not hit by the gunfire but suffered injuries from the crash. 31-year-old noah winchester accused of raping mack -- raping five women while on duty. and he left the san mateo police department in february. he had been on leave since october after a criminal investigation was launched, and the alleged -- alleged incident happened between july and october -- alleged incident happened between july and october 2013. a man accused of killing a kindergarten teacher, found beaten and stabbed to death in october 2012 and prosecutors say that her death was part of a crimes spree. darnell washington broke out of the jail with help from his wife, and the couple stole the car and later caught in seattle. if he is convicted, washington could face the death penalty,
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and the wife was sentenced to 23 years in prison after pleading guilty to various charges. gunfire erupting in a parking lot killing two teenagers and more than one dozen injured, and the police are saying this was not an act of terrorism.>> reporter: the police gathered evidence near this fort myers nightclub, shots fired outside of club blu just after midnight as the parents picked up the kids from the teenager party, and one 14- year-old in 18-year-old are dead. -- and 18-year-old are dead.>> my daughters could've been shot, and what these kids have to go through to enjoy themselves. >> reporter: the club owner said that armed guards were posted inside and outside of the club and the police are also investigating a nearby home were more shots were fired, three people have been detained for questioning but no word on what triggered this
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deadly shooting.>> this comes one month after the mass shooting at the pulse nightclub inner land to that left 49 people dead. campaign 2016, day one of the democratic national convention overshadowed by the dnc email scandal, and the fbi has confirmed it is investigating how thousands of emails were hacked, and they suspect it was from a russian cyber attack. we are live at the wells fargo center in philadelphia, and a tough day for the outgoing dnc chairperson. >> reporter: the message here is supposed to be one of unity today, but the uproar over the den cell -- dnc email scandal is undermining this as people are passing the arena, and we have learned that the outgoing dnc chair will no longer dabble in the convention in about one hour. >> reporter: a rocky start to the dnc for debbie wasserman schultz. the embattled met in resigning
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chair shouted down during the breakfast by members of her own delegation.>> we know that the voices in this room that are standing up, and being disruptive, we know that that is not the florida that we know. >> reporter: the florida congresswoman is stepping aside as the chair after leaked emails show are favoring hillary clinton over bernie sanders during the primary. at a time when the dnc is trying to shove unity, the shakeup has dominated the headlines of the clinton campaign, and they are hoping the all-star lineup tonight will refocus the convention. senator sanders and first lady michelle obama are scheduled to speak, and elizabeth warren, and the news poll showing clinton and donald trump tied at 42% with donald trump having a slight bump act. -- after the republican convention.>> reporter: when it comes to the dnc emails, the
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fbi has confirmed that agents are investigating the hacking. the convention will get underway in just under one hour and all of the bernie sanders supporters will be listing closely to see what he has to say, especially in the wake of the email scandal. and they say he does plan on doubling down his endorsement for hillary clinton.>> don champion live in philadelphia. the fire coming through like a freight train, this fast- moving flames gaining new ground in southern california and the progress on the firefight in seneca rita and the unusual threat or sing the firefighters to ground the helicopter. jumping into the cafi business and how much this high- end bowl of cereal will cost. take a good look at this, the lie weather camera looking out towards the transamerica
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pyramid, and we will tell you why we have the spare the air day in effect for tomorrow. thousands of california teenagers delaying getting a drivers license, and the napper dealership goes bust, leaving the car buyers in limbo. we have learned that the dealer never filed the dmv paperwork. a real estate game changer, virtual reality open house, and expect original reporting from kpix 5 news . expect more. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the so-called "sand fire" outside los angeles covers some 50 square miles. as mireya villarreal reports: it's de wildfires are burning in california, forcing thousands to evacuate, and the sand fire outside of los angeles covering 50 mi.2. -- 50 square miles.>> reporter: the destructive fast-moving flames gaining new ground two days after exploding north of los angeles with strong wind and triple digit temperatures repelling the flames through the canyon, after years of drought. as the fire surged toward these string of small communities,
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the crews dropping retardant from above and firefighters on the ground setting up to protect the people's homes.>> this is the fifth year of the ongoing drought and we have very extreme fire behavior. these are not normal times. >> reporter: they discovered the body of a man in his burned- out car.>> we have lost one like that could of been preventable and when the law enforcement says to evacuate, that means evacuate. >> reporter: but cliff stayed to protect his home. >> i have not been in anything close like this before. >> reporter: why did you stay?>> you work so hard on a piece of property. >> reporter: 1500 homes under a mandatory evacuation in a perfect example of why this is important, 2 to 3 miles away there is a stable production company and the owner tried to put the fire out with water hoses and they were quickly overtaken by the fire, and the
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fire ripping through them in a matter of seconds, and thankfully no one was hurt. it shows you how dangerous this fire can be. cbs news, santa clarita california. another threat to the progress, unauthorized drones of forcing the firefighters to ground the helicopter yesterday afternoon. >> hundreds of firefighters working to get the upper hand on this fire burning in monterey county, and it started on friday and tripled in size, scorching 15,000 acres, and only 5% contained. the hot temperatures, years of drought and dry brush art dealing the flames -- fueling the flames after dry brush. and people are in fear of losing their homes with more than 20 homes destroyed from this fire. time for check on your weather. we want to add some
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lightness to your afternoon after the fire coverage, taking you to the greater lakes tahoe area, and my girlfriend shot this video force over the weekend, in the boat and pulling around. this is on the south shore of the greater lake tahoe area and this is a black bear. and black bears can be lawn, cinnamon, black and brown. and this black bear will not bother you son to leave him alone, so everybody did any walked around in the greater lake tahoe area. good afternoon, this is the scene across santa clara valley, and over the past 20 years i cannot remember it so smoky and the south bay. temperature of 80 degrees, and we have the spare the air day in effect, and a smoke advisory across the santa clara valley and into east bay due to the wind from the southwest.
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ushering in that smoke from the fire over the monterey bay area, and from carmel and into our region. we have some stratus next to the coast, but that is just giving us a sliver of sunshine. otherwise, a high pressure keeping that dome over the bay area with flat wind and pollutants stuck in the environment and with that smoky condition, we had the spare the air day. you have the future cast illustrating we have clouds pushing back into the bay in the overnight hours. statewide we are talking triple digits through fresno and the sacramento area in temperatures as hot inland. we are talking about numbers at 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s, and getting hotter tomorrow through thursday would triple digits revisiting the bay area. it will be a not so pleasant week ahead as far as air quality is concerned.
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nutritionists say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. back and there is one giant cereal company looking to serve breakfast in a new way.>> reporter: new york city has some of the worlds finest restaurants, but willie smith and her husband, mike, or grabbing a bowl of cereal instead.>> it is comfort food. >> reporter: kellogg's opened a cafi in time square, rice crispy thin froot loops, customers can stick to the basics or indulge in one of the cafi specialty bowls for seven dollars.>> frosted flakes, lemon zest and thyme, and who new. >> reporter: capitalizing on a new york city location to promote its product like the m&ms store and a pepsi cafi. michelle is a food marketing
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expert.>> if you do something that is unique and different, and buzzworthy, you want to be in new york where the media is in a lot of traffic. >> reporter: kellogg's trying to boost america's appetite for cereal after sales are slipping due to people turning to the higher protein alternatives. anthony partnered with kellogg to give people new ways to eat cereal like adding coffee to the ball. rudolph is hoping that the cafi will give the customers the experience, one bowl at a time. cbs news, new york. >> a good experience but an expensive one, seven dollars. we will be right back. ,,,, ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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princeton... she turned them both down to go to stanford. she saved herself a trip across the country. and accepted the harvard and princeton, and turning them down to go to stanford. >> saving herself a trip across the country, but as wendy shows us, the journey started halfway around the world. >> reporter: growing up in two cultures, and used to moments like this one at her graduation from stanford.>> from oakland, california. >> reporter: her name is hard to pronounce, but it is crystal clear, her degree in science, technology and society.>> i
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have the knowledge and skills to be able to be taken seriously. my background is not define me.>> she will go to a program that teaches medical english in japan for one year. >> reporter: she turned down princeton and harvard. who does that? her twin brother also graduating from stanford this year, and the family came from nigeria. and this shows that 37% of nigerians are immigrating to the u. s., and they have college degrees. in her graduated father -- father graduated in business, and here driving a taxi to support a family of seven, living in oakland, richmond and back to oakland. money was a struggle, especially after her mother lost her job after being injured in a car accident.>> i thought there was a potential that we could be homeless.
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>> reporter: and when she was 13, she went to work selling trinkets six days a week.>> sometimes i was going door-to- door and sometimes they would put us at a gas station. >> reporter: and from the time she was eight years old, she had a lot of responsibility with her siblings.>> responsible for cooking, cleaning and helping the siblings with the homework.>> reporter: and for her parents, education was a top priority.>> for this family was about saving their lives, education was going to change their future. you will do the best, be the best, and it was an expectation. >> reporter: and this year she teaches a class for students for program sponsored by the child family health.>> i see myself in this area of global health and international health. and possibly going back to
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nigeria.>> reporter: and what will she do with her life? something very profound. kpix 5. >> colleges standard in her family, but it took more than that to get her through stanford university. to help students like her rise above, go to cbs
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pg&i help customerss, how with their there's different rates to fit different needs, so listening is a huge part of my job. because customers want to know that you hear them. they have kids, they have families, they have priorities. i definitely understand that. i have three children, i was a stay at home mom, i didn't have money to pay the bills, and so i put myself in their shoes. and i'm going to do all that i can to lower their bills and to help their situation. to choose the rate plan that works best for your family, visit together, we're building a better california.
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two juveniles have *just been arrested... new information in the investigation.. co kpix a fire destroys -- destroys the bay area community center, and two juveniles have been arrested, new information coming on kpix 5 news at 5:00. that is it for your kpix 5 news at noon , and keep in mind that smoke advisory is in effect today and tomorrow in the bay area. have great afternoon everyone and stay cool. ,,,,
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>> wyatt: [ groans ] i forgot how long this flight is. >> steffy: yeah. but at the end, we're in monte carlo. >> wyatt: mm. >> eric: small price to pay. i love that city. >> liam: well, we are really glad to have you with us. i think your presence will add a certain gravitas that god knows we could use. >> wyatt: okay. liam has loftier goals than dad and me. we want to turn a profit. he wants to save the world. >> eric: nothing wrong with that. >> steffy: i think it's ambitious. >> eric: why not do both? making money and philanthropy are not mutually exclusive. >> wyatt: okay, could we not encourage my brother right now, please? >> liam: are we there yet? >> deacon: i don't think i've ever seen you move so fast. >> quinn: well, there's no time to dawdle. my man awaits.


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